May 2013

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Stations of the Green, a poetic reflection on Douglas Gordon's unsafe and dangerous artwork, now demolished, also runs at New Glasgow Society, 1307 Argyle Street, Glasgow, until Friday 17th May. See The Drouth About the Green tab for more information on this, and our new book, Demolition Proof.

May 2012

The Drouth and Glasgow School of Art bear witness to the fall of Douglas Gordon’s artwork at Glasgow Green Station


The People’s Palace,

Glasgow Green

6pm Thursday 24th May


We will also launch The Drouth Issue 42: Strategy


May 2012



We are happy to announce the launch of our Youtube Channel, with an exclusive video of a performance at the Sonic Fusion Music Festival of 'Kelman Stories', a music and spoken word piece specially commissioned by The Drouth.

Stay tuned for further audio-visual updates on all things Drouth...

April 2012

Firstly, Issue 42: Strategy is now available. See our Buy section to order.

Secondly, The Drouth has joined with Sonic Fusion Music Festival and the University of Salford to host a workshop and two concerts this weekend. See The Drouth @ Large for more details.




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Issue 46 goes in search of the prime movers, the string pullers and the eminence gris of our times. Whatever Barthes might say, the way and means by which we enforce our will upon the universe still matters, and the author ain't dead yet...

And to underline our sense of purpose, here's Owen Dudley Edwards on 'fascist Scotland', and the far darker purposes that lie behind recent revisionist histories.

We also feature Peter Geoghagan's report on the unlikely return of Marshall Tito... to the former Yugoslavia, contend with Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely's chaos magick (and surprising separation at birth from Alasdair Gray) and concrete wordplay. Past collaborators return: Pauline Goldsmith presents her Gaelic/Gaidhlig version of Bright Colours Only (first published in Drouth Issue 4 - all of 10 years ago!) while artist Chris Dooks supplies a free download of his latest album, a hybrid of music, art and spoken word, to everyone who buys this issue. We visit ghost cities in Greek cyprus and the questionable rallying points of German architectural history. Our cover artist, Tara Beall, provides testimony from an ecelctic series of socially engaged, grass roots  art practices that helpfully amends an old slogan to the more timely 'Nothing About Us, Without Us, is For Us.' Guest Editor James Clegg of Edinburgh's Talbot Rice gallery interrogates the intentions of the contemporary artist, and provides a useful overview of the issue as a whole.

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Issue 45: Frame

Guest Artist: Mariusz Tarkawian

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Issue 44: Tension

Guest Artist: Neil Clements

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Sample Article: Roundtable on Cultural Intervention

Issue 43:Margin

Guest Artist: Stuart McAdam

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Issue 42: Strategy

Guest Artist: Viktor Koen

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Issue 41: Graphic

Guest Editor: Frances Robertson

Guest Artist: Graphical House

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Issue 40: Decade (tenth anniversary issue)

Guest Artist: Alasdair Gray

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