The Drouth Online is Scotland’s weekly web journal for literature, art, politics and informed critical commentary. Every week we bring you original critical insights, creative works and commentaries from a wide range of Scottish, UK and international authors, alongside the best material from our extensive archives.

Our content is commissioned and published to explore a particular theme – or Strand in a roughly nine-week cycle. Each strand is overseen by a Contributing Editor who provides their own take on the theme as well as those provided by contributions. For The Drouth, art, culture and criticism have a critical role to play in forming political and social discourse from a perspective that is grounded in Scotland, but international in scope.

Since being founded by Johnny Rodger and Mitch Miller as a quarterly magazine back in 2001, The Drouth has been front and centre of cultural, political and artistic debates. Our new web journal represents a new opportunity to continue this work. As well as ongoing new content, The Drouth online provides free access to the best material from 18 years of independent critique, commissioning and support for the arts in Scotland.

Our special portfolio sections present themed materials and collections on subjects such as Scottish Devolution/Independence, the legacy of James Kelman and the City.


Editorial Board
The Drouth is brought to you by:

Hailey Maxwell 

Hailey is a writer and art historian interested in how power operates across philosophical, political and cultural space. She researches violence and desire in 20th Century avant-garde art and literature. She also works with various organisations to empower individuals and communities to participate, self-advocate and discover new ways of thinking and seeing.

Chris Leslie
Chris is an award-winning photographer and filmmaker and frequent contributor during The Drouth’s years as a quarterly. His work in Bosnia, Haiti, Russia and Glasgow is a vital and enduring document of change, regeneration and loss in the urban fabric. He oversees the website and assists with visual editorial.

Mitch Miller
Mitch is an artist, writer and co-founder of The Drouth. Mitch is best known for dialectograms, complex drawings of place, and his work researching Traveller culture in Scotland. Mitch oversees fund raising and corporate communication.

Johnny Rodger
Johnny is a writer, and Professor of Urban Literature at Glasgow School of Art. He is the author of several books of fiction and critical works. He leads on commissioning and event organisation.,-johnny/