20th May 2020

Pandemical Discourses 7: Happy now..? Optimism or Hope?

Is there cause for optimism or hope now that countries are starting to move out of the lockdown and other restrictions? From Naomi Klein to the Financial Times -from Women Leaders to Trump's tiny mitts...
13th May 2020

Pandemical Discourses 6: Of Elites and Epidemics…

Is the Anglo-British elite crumbling in the face of the coronavirus pandemic? And does it matter to the rest of the world?
7th May 2020

Pandemical Discourses 5: Is the earth round, or oblate?

Is the commentariat's take on the pandemic and its effects becoming more deeply pessimistic -or just realistic? Selections of analysis and exposure of the racism, the nationalism, the anti-urbanism the class prejudice, and more … Enjoy!
28th April 2020

Pandemical Discourses 4: weekly digest- Can you really see the whole world through your window?

Explorations of economic and financial crash, prognostications of future changes, and seeing the world outside your lockdown window. But is it really the whole world, or just the world of the elite?
26th April 2020

Inequality Covid by Shannon Maree Torrens

The Covid-19 pandemic is a global health crisis yet its effects are not felt equally aross the world or throughout societies. Shannon Maree Torrens shows us how inequalities are having particularly devastating effect at this time, and makes the case for urgent change in national and international governance.
22nd April 2020

Pandemical Discourses 3: weekly digest- Thresholds of pain, of gain and that coronaviral strain…

In this week’s roundup we broaden the panorama and look beyond the dailies, the websites and the blogs – it seems that the virus is infecting all the forms… from Creative Scotland to Franco 'Bifo' Berardi...
20th April 2020

from Covid Conversations by Johnny Rodger

'I was born again but this time I knew it meant I was dead.'
15th April 2020

Pandemical Discourses 2: weekly digest- ‘All that Hankering…’

Hankering after exceptionalism, and determining the relation between community and immunity -or is Corona virus just a losers conspiracy -all in this week's round-up of Pandemical Discourses.
9th April 2020

Pandemical Discourses: your weekly digest

Every week, we’ll be offering a digest of some of the Coronovirus commentary that has caught our eye. We do not pretend to cover all the work being churned out at present (in fact, today’s offering is a measly six selections) but we do attempt to pluck what is interesting, informative and off-kilter from the wider Coronaviral currents.