Owen Dudley Edwards

8th June 2024


What has been the scope of bigotry, racism, oppression and prejudice? Owen Dudley Edwards telescopes a whole history of the entanglement of those evils with the struggle for freedom, justice and truth into a compassionate and humane reading (and most importantly, an Irish reading) of the cornering and silencing of Diane Abbott, who was the first ever black woman elected to the Westminster Parliament.
7th February 2024

Killing History
Owen Dudley Edwards

Putting the writing and rewriting of state affairs by politicians in a long and broadly detailed context, Owen Dudley Edwards wonders if 'The self-destruction of the would-be partisan is becoming a literary form in UK political life'? Reviews of new books by Theresa May, Chris Bryant and Rory Stewart.
9th May 2023

An ODE as from 3000AD
Owen Dudley Edwards

Scotland's foremost Irish historian and Ireland's finest Jockstorian, Owen Dudley Edwards, finds a textless chronicle of the farcical and chaotic politics of Jockland in the 2020s. It's to be sung swiftly, though it's no song of Solomon. The rulers from Laputa assume they have (in the jargon of the period) 'taken back control', but none of them can actually determine where Jockland is, or if it even exists ...
31st January 2023


From the sophistry of the Saorstat to the solecism of Saor Alba - what, if any, are the parallels between Irish Revolutionary relations with the UK, and the relations between the current crop of Scottish and UK politicians? Owen Dudley Edwards addresses an independent question.
18th June 2022

Owen Dudley Edwards

What is the constitution of an institution? Who decides in and for an institution? What happens when an institution rejects us, or when we destroy an institution? Owen Dudley Edwards meditates ...
13th April 2022

BoJo – Falstaff – Bunter:
or A Greater Englishness?
by Owen Dudley Edwards

Bunteresque? Falstaffian? BoJo-vian? England always gets the best. Owen Dudley Edwards on the rich history of greedy liars in English political and cultural life - Enlisting the critique of George Orwell, PG Wodehouse and fellow Irishman George Bernard Shaw along the way.
20th January 2022

An open letter to Keith Brown, Justice Secretary
by Owen Dudley Edwards

Last month the Cabinet Secretary for Justice, Keith Brown MSP, launched a three-month long consultation on the Not Proven verdict (and other aspects of the Criminal Justice System) and invited responses from the public. The Justice Secretary acknowledged that there are some 'strong opinions' on the verdict. We publish here an open letter the Justice Secretary, written by the Irish historian and writer Owen Dudley Edwards, giving his opinion on the verdict.
22nd October 2021

Why Afghanistan?
Owen Dudley Edwards

The absurdities of the American War in Afghanistan -backed by their allies- are exposed here by Owen Dudley Edwards. As another view of the tragedy it is heartbreaking in its farcical detail, and recounts a sorry tale which, despite withdrawal of US and allied troops, is far from over for the people of the region.
2nd June 2021

Election 2021 and its Legacy
by Owen Dudley Edwards

The analysis of the political landscape of Scotland post-election 2021 that it's been worth waiting for. Owen Dudley Edwards looks at the results and the likely legacies, and puts them in the context of such a deep time and broad space as you won't be able to read elsewhere. It's a reading which is considered and generous in its appreciations, even if forthright in its partisanship.