9th October 2019

CONTEMPORARY GRAPHIC – Panels from a Museum of Narrative

A typical definition of the concept ‘Artistic License’ would outline the notion that the artist may be perceived as having freedom to distort some aspect of their subject in order to bring attention to, criticise, or satirize it...
31st July 2019

The Favourite

Marketed as a burlesque comedy, Yorgos Lanthimos‘ The Favourite is in truth, far more textured and melancholic than its trailer might suggest. With echoes of Bill Douglas’ Comrades and Kubrick’s […]
23rd July 2019


The woman with the pink velvet poppies twined around the assisted gold of her hair traversed the crowded room at an interesting gait combining a skip with a sidle, and […]
19th July 2019


The comparison of the British status in the EU to one of slaves was a vile insult, mean, low and just wrong. But all the bleating and booing will avail […]
16th November 2016

Kamala Khan, the Pakistani-American – a new direction for the typical main-stream American superhero?

In a timely piece, Nyla Ahmed writes in praise of Ms Marvel, the first major Muslim-American superhero. From The Drouth issue 56:
16th November 2015


From – Issue 53 – Territory I come from an expansive archipelago in South East Asia, where the notion of territory is traditionally elusive. A historian once wrote that before […]
12th September 2015

The anti-Imperialist’s Guide to Inaction in Syria By Muhammad Idrees Ahmad

The Arab revolutions that started in the winter of 2010 have wreaked havoc with political certainties. At the “Festival of Dangerous Ideas” last year, the British-Pakistani intellectual Tariq Ali lamented […]
16th January 2015

The Road to Iraq: The Making of a Neoconservative War – Book Review

Reviewed by Danny Postel I was reluctant to review this book. With all the dramatic events in the Middle East today—the ISIS crisis, the siege of Kobanê, the deepening nightmare […]
8th December 2014

Keep Your Eye on Paisley – Catriona Macdonald reflects on Paisley, the Labour Party, ​and its inevitable post-Ref reckoning.

From Issue 50, Winter 2014/15. On 5 September, sitting in Greyfriar’s Kirkyard in Edinburgh, I exercised my right to vote, resting my ballot paper on my knee, as I sat […]