1st May 2014

Jean Toomer’s “Reapers” and Robert Burns – Justin Mellette

One aspect of Scottish literature that has been receiving renewed attention is the widespread influence of Scottish writers within other cultures.  From its first publication, Jean Toomer’s novel Cane (1923) has been recognized […]
4th February 2013

The Spiritualists – An extract from THIS ROAD IS RED, by Alison Irvine

They stood in front of her mirror, Pamela and Nicola, and behind their reflections was the open window and beyond that, all of Glasgow, it seemed...
2nd October 2010

LALLY PALAIS BULLY – A Case of Political License? By Johnny Rodger

A typical definition of the concept ‘Artistic License’ would outline the notion that the artist may be perceived as having freedom to distort some aspect of their subject in order to bring attention to, criticise, or satirize it...