Guest Artists

29th October 2021

Hannah Imlach

Hannah Imlach (b.1989) is a visual artist and researcher based in Glasgow. Over the last ten years, she has developed a collaborative practice, working within communities of specialist environmental knowledge to create artworks on complex ecologies, emergent scientific research, and renewable energy transition. Imlach’s projects begin with fieldwork...
5th July 2021

Ilana Halperin

For over twenty years Halperin’s work has explored the relationship between geology and daily life. Through drawing parallels between very personal events, for example when she was born or when her father died, with the birth of a volcano, she has allowed for a space to think about our place within the geological time continuum from a more intimate perspective. To articulate a corporeal sense of geological time, she forms sculptures using natural geological processes, which change within our own life spans – from high velocity calcifying springs in France to geothermal pools in Japan.
3rd May 2021

Nicky Bird

Nicky Bird considers contemporary relevances of ‘found’ photographs and latent histories of specific sites, investigating how they remain resonant. Her work incorporates new photography, oral histories and collaborations with people who have significant connections to the original site and its photographic archive.
20th February 2021

Noah Rose

Noah Rose is an artist based in County Galway, Ireland. He is currently undertaking a practice-based PhD at Glasgow School of Art, researching the intersection between place and minority language....
15th December 2020

James N. Hutchinson

James N. Hutchinson is an artist based in Glasgow. He makes drawings, texts, commissioned objects and exhibitions, which are generated through a process he refers to as ‘Resorption’....
24th November 2020

Elke Finkenauer

Elke Finkenauer is a New Zealand/German artist based in Glasgow. She works in object-making, drawing, printmaking and text. Finkenauer’s practice is motivated by behaviours people adopt to navigate systems and structures that contain them (such as markets, social situations, work environments, and relationships).
18th September 2020

Isobel Lutz-Smith

Isobel Lutz-Smith is a Scottish artist based in Glasgow. In 2016 she graduated from the Master of Fine Art at Glasgow School of Art, as part of this programme she spent an exchange semester at Tokyo University of the Arts.
6th July 2020

Tanja Engelberts

Tanja Engelbert’s work investigates the duality between the romantic landscape and its economic reality in today’s world.
26th March 2020

Frances Scott

Frances Scott's new book of her photographic journey round her native Orkney, 'Undertow,' was launched in February in the Pier Art Centre Stromness, and in March at Streetlevel Gallery in Glasgow.