A meeting of Japanese and Scottish artists

programmed as part of Glasgow International 2021 (15th - 18th June 2021)

‘Neighbouring’ is a 4-day on-line workshop programmed as a part of Glasgow International 2021 that brings together practitioners from Japan and Scotland to give voice to and partake in a shared desire for closeness and intimacy despite physical separation and barriers to engagement.

Against a backdrop of pandemic restrictions affecting movement, touch and the very notion of being next to one another, this exchange considers ‘neighbouring’ as an active endeavour, taken from Scottish working-class vernacular meaning ‘working together’, while considering how different aspects of togetherness are being affected by Covid’19, such as the Japanese omoiyari (おもいやり) or the act of caring for others.

What can we learn from and share with each other? How do we produce nearness? With practices spanning photography, installation, performance and spoken word, artists Shizuka Yokomizo, Megan Lucille Boettcher, Mio Harada and Shoko Imai, Nile Koetting, Jessica Ramm, Hanna Tuulikki and Tomoko Konoike will draw from lived experiences, claim agency within solitude, choreograph spaces, consider the summoning of community, and re-interpret mythological narratives.

DATES: 15th - 18th JUNE 2021, 10 AM START DAILY

DAY 1 – 15th June SHIZUKA YOKOMIZO, Artist Talk Runs: 10am-11.30pm Eventbrite link >

DAY 2 – 16th June Live performance by MIO HARADA and SHOKO IMAI with MEGAN LUCILLE BOETTCHER Runs: 10am-11.30pm Eventbrite link >

DAY 3 – 17th June JESSICA RAMM, Bucket-head Whiteout Scenario & NILE KOETTING, Evacuation Picnic Runs: 10am-12.30pm Eventbrite link >

DAY 4 – 18th June Travel Dialogue Form, with TOMOKO KONOIKE and MAYAKO MURAI & HANNA TUULIKKI, Avian Reels Runs: 10am-12pm Eventbrite link >

Hosted by The Drouth

Curators: Yuko Hasegawa and Fumihiko Sumitomo, in collaboration with Mónica Laiseca, Alexandra Ross and Johnny Rodger.

Supported by:Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation, Japan Society, Tokyo University of the Arts, Glasgow School of Art and the University of Glasgow.