Rupali Patil

For Sama – Film Review and Q & A at the GFT
4th September 2019
Only With The Heart – David Pratt’s War Photography
7th October 2019

Rupali Patil is a member of Clark House Initiative, Bombay. She re-arranges visuals that critique political oversight and corruption which create unfortunate happenings such as farmer suicides, exploitation through privatisation of water resources, eviction of tribals from their lands, and marginalisation of indigenous communities such as the Kolis of Bombay.

Through this work all I want to provoke is the idea that as a woman I totally disagree with the violent politics around me, therefore, Alaa Salah becomes a symbol of what I personally seek for in Peace. Her whole outfit, and her posture I found so strong.  Accordingly in this matter, I see the cover page as a proposition,  an expression of my hopes for the inside content,  which I am sure will be critical of the concept of ‘federation’. The walls could be considered as a divider of many things around us. This might appear like a detention centre to stop migration, a wall to divide people, as the pernicious isolating force that is fascism, or it could be just a symbol for the boundaries we are making in-between us which lead us nowhere. ‘

Title : The destined lead! Size: 30cm x 22cm Year : 2019



Works inspired by women working in the mining industry in Poland from an exhibition ‘Harbingers of Chaos’ together with Prabhakar Pachpute at Galeria Sztuki in Krakow
Work on the coal industry and social issues in Poland made during a residency and exhibited there in 2017.
Work dealing with industrial exploitation of nature for ‘Harbingers of chaos’ in Krakow
Patil has been making works through a technique she developed for expressing her concern about the environment by carving out images on a cutting mat with lino cutters. The image on this design is a relief map of the landlocked Indian state of Chhattisgarh. Rivers in that state are said to be the worst polluted in Asia because of mining and industrial waste.